Woodpecker build a communication channel between mac and your app, with powerful, extendable toolset let your app just under your control

Has never been easier to view, edit sandbox files

View, modify User Defaults item in seconds

Monitor http(s) request, without proxy setup needed

Run javascript in UIWebView or WKWebview online


A channel between mac and your app, you can transfer data, call service in you app, or log message to mac client

Plugin support

Woodpecker provide a communication channel between mac client and app, and defines the way they talk to each other, according the rule, we can custom a plugin very easily. create a plugin


Support both real device and simulator iOS8.0+, macOS10.11+ Objective-C and Swift. How to use Woodpecker


FLEX, Fragaria, EGODatabase, CocoaAsyncSocket, WebViewJavascriptBridge, iconfont