Thanks for using Woodpecker!

Woodpecker Supports both physical device and simulator iOS8.0+, Objective-C and Swift.

To use Woodpecker, you need import a framework to your project, then it will start and connect to Woodpecker client automatically. If you are work with physical device, please ensure your app and Woodpecker are in the same network.

If you’re developing a Mac app, please check Woodpecker for MacOS

1. CocoaPods:

pod 'WoodPeckeriOS', :configurations => ['Debug']

Use pod update WoodPeckeriOS to update the latest version.

2. Carthage:

binary ""

3. Manual Setup:

  1. Download WoodPeckeriOS.framework
  2. Import WoodPeckeriOS.framework to your project.
  3. If you like to use only in Debug configuration, please check this

If you have the following problems:

dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/WoodPeckeriOS.framework/WoodPeckeriOS Reason: image not found

Please drag WoodPeckeriOS.framework to Build Phases -> Embed Framworks.

Mac client is always “waiting connect”

  1. please ensure mac and app are in the same wifi.
  2. please ensure WoodPeckeriOS.framework was the latest version.
  3. connect to mac client manually, long press your iOS app’s screen with two fingers, you’ll see the connection page, try search and connect to your mac client.
  4. If it still doesn’t work, click here.

I often connect to other’s mac.

You could make some options to specify which client you’d like to connect, see advanced usage.

Xcode 10 Archive failed (i386 bitcode problem)

  1. please use the device arch only framework WoodPeckeriOS_device.framework, it’s full bitcode enabled. But I would suggest you use the full version above in most situations.

You can start with demo app or talk with others at telegram group